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Ronda Priestner will advise on specifically what improvements will maximize your home’s desirability to obtain the highest sales price. 


Compass Concierge

Compass Concierge services will provide the funds you need interest-free to implement repairs, improvements, and staging without the need to access personal funds. This is an extremely easy process and makes it easy for sellers to make the right choices that greatly enhance their ability to sell quickly and at a higher price than if these aspects were not completed. The funds used are paid back at the close of escrow.

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Michelle & Ronda use of professional stagers, photographers and outstanding marketing skill continues to yield a 90+% success rate on obtaining an offer in 14 days or less…at OR ABOVE listing price. This is not a universal skill among all agents

All sellers have a state-mandated obligation to complete disclosures relating to all they know about a property. Michelle & Ronda will clarify and help clients navigate through these easily. The importance of proper pricing based on improvements, lots, and recent sales is essential. Michelle will review these sales carefully with all sellers so an informed decision on price can be made.

The value of excellent presentation of the property in physical presence, in marketing and on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a key strength of Michelle & Ronda's. Examples can be provided as requested. A full discussion of the launch of the property, broker tour dates, open houses and and decision to set an offer date or not, will be discussed prior to presentation of the property.

Choosing the right offer to accept goes way further than just price. Michelle & Ronda will guide on potential pitfalls and review each offer carefully, ensuring her seller’s ultimate decision is very well informed and offers peace of mind the right decision has been made.

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We have unparalleled experience with discretion and diligence when looking to buy or sell in Marin County and San Francisco. Ronda Priestner has worked extensively with relocations and can make adapting to a new community a seamless and stress-free transition.