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Our Buyer's Guide

Michelle and Ronda will create a custom curated search with state-of-the-art online tools. In the current very competitive market, you will benefit from Michelle and Ronda’s unique connections and vast contacts to get ahead of the market.

Obtain expansive knowledge on each community and distinguish neighborhoods within to focus exactly on where you want to live, qualifying within your budget. We provide clarification on choices between location and property-specific desires if budget is in consideration.

Inform with statistics on exactly where the market is, including numbers of offers and ultimate sales prices on recent offerings. We help get you ready & qualified to make an offer quickly if needed with a proven exceptional mortgage broker who can close a deal quickly OR inform you what is needed to make a cash offer.

We review disclosures carefully with clients to make sure the condition of what a client is bidding on is fully understood. Our team will structure your offer to opportune the best chance of being accepted in a competitive situation. Michelle and Ronda’s track record is simply outstanding in the art of the deal and the art of the close.

As the market has become so competitive, Michelle and Ronda’s excellent relationships with their agent colleagues is an enormous asset when offer selection is very close. Michelle and Ronda have a reputation for integrity and thoroughness in the completion of contract terms as specified.

Receive monthly market updates that keep you in the know and the ability to track values in your community thereafter. Our team provides experienced contractor suggestions if improvements are needed or desired once a property is secured.

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We have unparalleled experience with discretion and diligence when looking to buy or sell in Marin County and San Francisco. Ronda Priestner has worked extensively with relocations and can make adapting to a new community a seamless and stress-free transition.